Aalesund city and harbour

Aalesund port in 2001The picturesque town of Aalesund is once again port for The Tall Ships Races in 2015. Aalesund harboured the event for the first time in 2001, and the crew members and visitors had an experience of a lifetime amongst fjords, mountains and islands in an intimate harbor.

During The Tall Ships Races the quayside will be boosting with life, people, events and cultural happenings – and because of the geography you're never far from the action!

Aalesund is situated on the Northwest coast of Norway and is known far beyond the country's borders for its beauty and architectural character.

After a fire in 1904, where 850 houses turned to ashes and around 10 000 people lost their homes, the town was rebuilt in Art Noveau, the illustrious architectonic expression of the time. This has turned Aalesund in to a charm with the harbor surrounded by ornamented and decorated brick houses.

The sea is the source to Aalesunds wealth – the fish landing houses you will see along the canal where important for developing the town. Aalesund is Norway's largest harbour for exporting fish and fish products. We are known for our maritime clusters and our industry is aimed towards the rest of the world to a much larger extent than in most Norwegian towns.

Today Aalesund is a prosperous and expanding city with a population of over 45,000 inhabitants and can boast of a whole range of entertainment facilities and cultural events.

We welcome captains and crew and the rest of the Sail Training International family to Aalesund 15. - 18. July 2015.



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