Nobody to loose

DSC 0398 2 webThis summer Ålesund will be filled with people and sailing ships along the docks, and this is why lifejackets have found their way in to The Tall Ships Races.

During this years sailing ship festival, approved floatation jackets and vests from Regatta  will be the official clothing for the volunteers, forteller Prosjektleder for The Tall Ships Races Ålesund, Project Mananger Albert E. Gjørtz tells us.

- This sends an important signal that we as hosts take safety meausures seriously on behalf of our volunteers and in general, says Gjørtz.

Security equals responsibilaty

Many of the volunteers will be assisting various missions and will be operating along the docks, aboard the ships and in close contact with the sea to perform their duties. This applies all partners as well, as they will be having deck events aboard several ships during the three day festivities.

Director of the NMD, Olav Akselsen, states that the lack of use of floatation devises are clearly a hazard wheter in leisure or during major maritime events such as The Tall Ships Races Ålesund.

-  The most simple and single measure in reducing deaths at sea, is wearing lifejackets, says Akselsen.

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