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Medseiler i mast 640pxYou still have the opportunity to become a sail trainee for this years Tall Ships Races, so become one here!

Sail Training 2015 (STI) and The Tall Ships Races Alesund 2015 (TSR 2015) have organized this years sail training and ensured that 51 youths from the region are participating during this years race. 

As the 51 free berths are filled, TSR 2015 and STI are still looking for young adults wanting to become trainees anboard and experience the excitement of The the Tall Ships Races 2015.

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Are you over 15 and want to experience a true adventure? Pricing varies between EUR 800 and EUR 1400. Windseeker maintains an overview of ships and their journeys on their website, check out the avaliable berths here. If you’re over 25 years of age, you might still be eligible to join – Please contact the Windseeker office for more information. Two ships attending the Tall Ships Races are handicapped accessible. We especially encourage applications from persons with special needs in one way or another. We also especially encourage girls to apply to become a Sail Trainee.

Ships that still have berths available:

CLASS A (Tall Ships) Alexander von Humboldt II, Bark Europa, Eendracht, Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Gulden Leeuw, Santa Maria Manuela, Morgenster

CLASS B (‘Small’ Ships) Atyla, Tecla, Gallant, Maybe

CLASS C (yachts) Tomidi, Antwerp, Flyer

 Sail Trainee

Being a Sail Trainee in The Tall Ships Races involves sailing with one of the sailing ships participating in the regatta. On board, trainees will have the experience of a lifetime, learn to sail, form friendships with international peers and much more. There is no requirement of prior knowledge, neither sailing nor otherwise.

As a Sail Trainee you become part of the crew on board and you will go alongside seasoned explorer sailors who will teach you all you need to know. You get the opportunity to work as a team to execute sail manoeuvres and climbing the masts and the rigging. (NB: it is completely voluntary to enter masts).

  • Contact Windseeker: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on becoming a sail trainee. 

TSR 2015 map route


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