Experience the adventure of a lifetime

MedseilernegruppeBy the Foundation Kjell Holm and some good hard work, The Tall Ships Races Ålesund are sending nearly twice as many trainees than what was targeted.

 49 youths will this summer be a part of the sail training program. As sail trainees they will experience and be a part fo the crew in the different shifts and get the opportunity to join sailing maneuvers and enter the masts (which is of course voluntarily).

Former trainees speak warmly about the experience of a lifetime, where as in a short few days they will gaine tons of knowledge about the life at sea, memories for decades and friendships across nationalities. And this with none required prior experience.

Who are they?

  • 32 of this years sail trainees are from Ålesund
  • 4 from Hareid/Ulsteinvik
  • 3 from Herøy
  • 1 from Haram
  • 2 from Gjemnes
  • 2 from Sula
  • 2 from Giske
  • 1 from Sykkylven
  • 1 from Skodje.

The Tall Ships Races Ålesund are also distributing one trainee from Bergen.

The trainees will be aboard the Norwegian tall ships; Sørlandet, Christian Radich, Wyvern av Aalesund and Santa Maria Manuela (Portugal).

Here you can read and see the full Trainee list

Where to?

The Tall Ships Races 2015 will start in Belfast the 2nd of July. The 5th of July the vessels will set their sails for Ålesund, where they will dock between the 15th.-18th. Then they will be heading for Kristiansand, where as they will arrive the 25th and leave for Aalborg the 28th of July.

Aalborg is the final port in this years The Tall Ships Races and all the trainees will participate in every host ports activities. 

What is The Tall Ships Races?

Sail Training International organises races and events for sail training aboard Tall Ships in many parts of the world. The summer series in European waters, The Tall Ships Races, is the biggest single event they organise for young people. One of the main purposes of this registered charity is "the development and education of youth through sail training experience, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background."



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