60 registered ships will visit Ålesund

Unknown Fotor kopi60 vessels from 17 countries will take part in The Tall Ships Races Ålesund.

Filou, the polish Class C-ship, was the last to enter the regatta from Belfast to Aalborg during this years The Tall Ships Races. With the amount of 60 ships from 17 countries, Project Manager for The Tall Ships Races Ålesund, can say himself satisfied.

- We have the same amount of Class-A vessels as we had during Cutty Sark in 2001, these are the largest ships, with russian Sedov in front as the largest one in the world. Something that we are very happy about, says Gjørtz.

Even though the deadline for entering the 2015 regatta was the 1st of May, Gjørtz and The Tall Ships Races Ålesund will be open for more vessels.

Filou as number 60

The sailingship from Poland is 14.5 meters and is the 11th Class-C vessel.

  • Here you will find photos and a short summary of all the vessels coming to Ålesund this summer.

17 countries are represented this year and will sail into Ålesunds fjord this summer, with 23 Class-A, 17 Class-B, 11 Class-C and 8 Class-D.

 Aalborg with the most ships

Aalborg, who is the last host port this year, is visited by 82 vessels. Kristiansand has 80 registered ships, while Belfast has 47. Ålesund will dock 60 ships.

- There are fewer ships participating from Belfast to Ålesund this year than back in 2001, and that might be the cause of the long journey over. But this will not put an end to the amazing festival we will host for ships, crew and tourists, says Gjørtz.

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