Where to park during The Tall Ships Races

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Ålesund Parkering offers free parking at public schools during The Tall Ships Races, but the spaces are few. They suggest you leave your car at home.



Parking in Ålesund is challenging on an everyday basis. Add the thousands of participants expected  during The Tall Ships Races, and the challenge becomes even bigger.
-This is a long and narrow town, but we’ll make it happen. We’re closing down several parts of downtown Ålesund both day and night to accommodate transport and renovation services, says Roar Salen, General Manager of Ålesund Parkering. But there are alternatives.

Available parking spaces:

  • 120 parking spaces in Skutvika
  • By every public school in Ålesund
  • By Ålesund College (Høyskolen i Ålesund)
  • 200 parking spaces by Sparebanken Møre Arena.

Mobile homes and caravans

If you choose to bring your caravan to The Tall Ships Races, Ålesund Parkering offers several parking options:

  • 30-40 spaces between Color Line Stadion and Sunnmørshallen, free parking. Access to the toilets and shower area inside the hall and to electricity.
  • 50 spaces on Flatholmen, payment as usual. Access to water, electricity and toilets.

All parking spaces and change of traffic patterns will be made available for the public as soon as possible.
-    It’s crucial to follow all traffic signs carefully, says Salen.
Ålesund Parkering will be working 24/7 to provide traffic security.  Any illegal parking results in towing of car.

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