Flow of traffic

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Aalesund is expecting a massive surge of visitors during The Tall Ships Races, and this will put a strain on existing traffic. Manager for The Traffic and Logistics Committee for The Tall Ships Races  2015, Frode Haugen, has some great tips for all participants.

 -Even though the driving pattern will be changed, we’ll be able to drive through the town center. But it takes some planning. Make sure to follow all traffic signs carefully. This is imperative to ensure a good flow of traffic, he says. -

We urge everybody to drive via Borgundvegen through Utstillingsplassen and down Løvenvoldgata to get to Hessa. To get out of town please take the south route, through Lorknesgata around Arbeideren, by Sjøgata and finally the express highway.

Public Transportation

Shuttle buses will be available in most of the town districts. The plan is to set up The Tall Ships Races shuttle buses, departure from Spjelkavika through Moa and Borgundvegen to the town center. The drop off zone is in Røysegata. Return passengers must use the bus stops at rutebilstasjonen, rådhuset and Blixvalen. Shuttle buses will also be available from Ellingsøy and Skarbøvika. Local express boats from Hareid, Langevåg and Nordøyane are increasing their number of departures to accommodate the need for public transport. -It’s a big task, but we’re prepared for most situations, says Frode Haugen.

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