Rent a room - or do you have one for rent?

Rentaroom tallships web nyThe hotels have few vacancies so we are encouriging the people in Ålesund to rent out a room of they have one available. If we collaborate more people will have the chance for an experience of a lifetime during The Tall Ships Races Ålesund from 15 th till 18 th of July.

We have arranged for a facebookgroup where people with rooms for rent, or people who needs a place to stay can write a post and make arrangements between themselves. Whether the room is free of charged or with a small fee is up to the one who posts onto the group. The group is called Tallshipsalesund - Rent a room and is hosted by The Tall Ships Races Ålesund. Anyone can write posts directly on the wall and comment below posts, or via private messaging. We encourage that all posts are written in both norwegian and english.

Share so more people can visit

We hope that as many as possible will share our facebookgroup so that we can give as many as possible the experience of a lifetime during The Tall Ships Races from 15th till 18th July.


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