Terje Fagermo – official artist for TSR

Fagermo kunstFerdigTerje Hans Fagermo is a Norwegian artist and sculptor from Ålesund. He’s had several art exhibitions both nationally and locally, and has been chosen to be the official artist for The Tall Ships Races in Ålesund 2015.

Næringsforeningen (Ålesund Chamber of Commerce) are now selling 250 prints of the artwork “Byen/The City” by Fagermo. Print size is 50x70 cm.Fagermo

Prices and orders: If you are a TSR sponsor or a member of the Chamber of Commerce, purchasing 1 – 9 prints will come at a cost of kr. 2000,- per print. Price for other buyers is kr. 2500,- per print. Orders of 10-49 prints makes kr. 1.750,- per print At 50 orders or more the price is kr. 1.600,- per print.

 Place your order by mail or phone to:

Eli Janne Ødegaard  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +4770116525

Collect your purchase at Ålesund Chamber of Commerce in Notenesgata 12, fourth floor, 6002 Ålesund. Shipping by post is available, if  and an additional cost of kr. 100,-


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