Family activities

Barn TSR22

Children and families have a lot to look forward to at The Tall Ships Races!

With the aid of Sunnmøre Museum we’ll make a maritime zone at Prestebrygga. Here the children can learn how to tie knots, make their own boat and much more.
Experience Tall Ships from the seaside, or row one of our boats.
Captain Ole Brude made a lifeboat called “Uræd” (meaning unafraid), eventually called “Brudeegget” (The Brude Egg) because of its unique shape. From 1904-1905 Brude and a crew of three men sailed from Ålesund to Gloucester, USA.  But what happened onboard the lifeboat during that journey? Five from the audience will be dressed up like crew and join the storytelling.

Other activities

We provide nails, saws, timber and everything you need to make your own boat. You can also make a sail to your boat. Are you curious to see how a barrel is made, or how to make tar? We’ll show you! Learn how to tie knots, make rope and try working the pullies. Barnas Lekeland offers fun activities every day at Sentrum Scene, by St.Olavs Plass. A clown will join us and if you want to you can paint your face.

All activities are available from 15th – 17th of July, and of course: Everything is free of charge!


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