Life as a cadet on board Sedov


How does an ordinary day look like when you are sailing onboard a large Tall Ship? We embarked the world’s largest Tall Ship, Sedov, from Russia to find out.

 We had the opportunity to have a chat with one of the cadets onboard Sedov, Evgeniy Chemerskiy, 20 years old from Murmansk. He is one of 90 cadets on board Sedov during The Tall Ships Races Ålesund. Evgeniy is studying at the Maritime Academy of Murmansk State Technical University. As a part of his training, he spends a few months aboard the ship.

- There are some tears and onions

Onboard they are studying seamanship and English aswell as performing  different shifts. These can be on deck, as a lookout keeping an eye out for fog. It can also be to clean the cadets' living quarters or helping in the galley or in the mess room, Evgeniy tells. 

- In the galley we often help peel potatoes and onions. Since we are 145 people on board, it can be a lot of potatoes and onions, Evgeniy says. You can imagine how many tears we shed over these onions!

Spare time

In their spare timethey often watch a movie in the cinema room, television or play ping-pong.

- But for most of it I sleep" he says, as the work and training sessions can be demanding.

The ship started in Murmansk, Russia, and has traveled around Europe. Next stop will Kristiansand. End port for his journey will be Kaliningrad, Russia. Check out the world’s largest Tall Ship yourself, she is docked at “Prestebrygga”, or visit Sedovs website.


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