Liaison – an experience for life

LiasonsA liaison is someone who’s available for a ship from arrival to departure. They help with all things big or small, be it guiding, assisting or resolving problems that may occur.

We had a chat with liaison volunteers Nigel Willoughby and Mette Ellefsen Willoughby who are liaisons for Wyvern of Ålesund and De Gallant from Holland. They’ve never been liaisons before, but think the experience is really interesting and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Liasons Mr. and Mrs. WilloughbyThea Leonora Untiedt Bjørgan Folkestad is one of our youngest liaison at 15 years of age. She’s assisting Fryderyk Chopin from Poland, and thinks being a liaison is really fun. You get to know many new people, both other volunteers the crew of the ships.

Thea Leonora is from Bergen but lives in Spain. Her trip to Ålesund was originally meant to be a vacation but when she heared about The Tall Ships Races she decided to volunteer as liaison.

The hardest part of being a liaison was answering questions about a town she doesn’t know very well. But everything has being going really great, and she hopes to be a liaison when The Tall Ships Races comes to Spain next year.


Photo: Sofia Haglund
Text: Therese Brunstad and Sofia Haglund


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