Parking and transport

We recommend that you come by foot, bicycle or by public transport.


This will be the temporary road measures during the event:

  • From 6th July the driving pattern will be changed. This will be back to normal latest 20th July in the morning.
  • Full stop forbidden in most parts of the city
  • Westbound traffic will be through the exit to Volsdalen and Nørvasundet to Borgundvegen and to Utstillingsplassen, Løvenvoldgata, Notenesgata and Nedre Strandgate
  • Eastbound traffic from Hessa will be through Lorkenesgata, passing Arbeideren og Sjøgata to the express road.
  • Traffic to Ellingsøy will be as normal
  • Korsegata and Skansegata will be closed


Designated parking lots and areas will be established on schools, NMK and other areas from Spjelkavik to the city centre and at Kverve på Ellingsøy. Please park there and use the shuttle bus service to and from the event.

Parking in the city centre will be limited:

  • The parking zones for Rådstugata to Gjerdegata will be changed – follow the signs
  • There will be some extra parking lots in Skutvika and on the north side of SBM Arena
  • The parking garages will be open 24h, price 15 NOK per hour
  • Designated handicap parking will be in Keiser Wilhelmsgate
  • Cars parked outside designated areas will be towed away at owners expence. This to secure that emergency vehicles can pass.
  • The parking on St. Olavsplass will be closed.


A designated caravan area will be established in the area between Color Line stadion and SBM Arena.

  • Capacity: 30 – 40 caravans
  • Facilities: electricity, access to toilet and showers in SBM Arena, but no grey water waste units

At Hjelsetgården in Sorenskriver Bullsgate.

  • Capacity: 50 caravans
  • Facilities: Toilets, showers, laundry and a station for emptying chemical toilets. Open 24h. Price 250 NOK


A harbour for leisure boats will be located at Gåsholmen (Seilerhytta). Position 62.4526, 006.2052. The capacity is 50 boats and facilities will be available. Payment in envelope. A shuttle boat will bring you to and from the event.

The first shuttle boat goes from Gåsholmen to the city center at 10.00 a.m, and every second hour after that. Last departure from Gåsholmen: 20.00. Returns from the city center at 10.30 and every second hour until 20.30. Last departure from city center to Gåsholmen: 24.00.

Public transport

We recommend that you use public transport.

Plan your trip: Bus company trip planner

Shuttle bus service

  • Shuttle buses will operate daily between 10.00 – 02.00, departing continually.
  • Price t/r: nok 50,- for adults and 30,- for children/retired
  • Bus stops in the city centre is Røysegata for westbound shuttle buses.  For eastbound buses it's Blixvalen. 
  • The shuttle buses follows normal trasees from Spjelkavik to city center.
  • There will shuttle buses from Ytterland on Valderøy via Kverve on Ellinsøy to city center.
  • The shuttle bus will not go Borgundvegen on the way west - east. If you want to go to Borgundvegen you need to take an ordinary bus.
  • 11.00 - 17.00: Free bus to Atlanterhavsparken, the aquarium from Prestebrygga. Departure every half hour with detour 11.45, 12.45, 13.45 etc.

City buses

  • Regular buses will keep their normal schedule and prices, with few exceptions
  • Extra departures route 618 (Apotekertorget - Sævollen over Hessaskaret) 15. -18. juli (night to sunday) at 23.30, 00.20, 01.10 og 02.00.
  • Buses coming from east will stop at St. Olavs plass, buses going west - east will stop at The Bus station.

District buses, airport bus and express buses

  • Buses to the districts, the airport bus and express buses will depart from Blixvalen.


The express boats will increase their capacity, but keep their regular schedule.

Schedule during The_Tall_Ship_Races_Hareid_-_Ålesund (pdf)

Timetable Ålesund - Langevåg - Ålesund

Timetable Hareid - Ålesund - Hareid


The taxi companies will increase their capacity during the event.

There’s three taxi stations in the city centre:

  • Skateflukaia
  • The bus station
  • Korsegata/Keiser Wilhelsgate

To Fjellstua

  • To Fjellstua during the parade of sail, please let disabled priority. Park your car in Fagerlia, take the shuttlebus from the city or use the stairs.


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